Nurturing Your Inner Wild

Nurturing Your Inner Wild

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My name is Benita and I am an Advanced D-Codes Practitionerā„¢, a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniqueā„  Practitioner, with Access Bars, Reiki and Astrology training. I am currently studying Classical OsteopathyĀ to further bridge in the mind, body and soul health in together, on a holistic level for both animals and humans.

I am known as an animal whisperer, with an unbelievable survivorā€™s story.

I tend to bring a straight-shooting toughness into each of my sessions that says, "I understand, I've been there", in a gentle and compassionate nature. I offer hope to what is possible on the other side of healing with the skills and dedication to get you there.

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~Dana Belores

I absolutely adore working with Benita! Her energy brings forth such a compassionate, living space to unravel the things your body, mind, and soul want to reconcile. She is incredible in her knowing and being able to pull through exactly what you need in a session. The way she can tap into the body and hold space on all layers and levels is so supportive and gentle! Benita brings her whole heart and soul, such a vibrant light to each session. Even when she lovingly kicks your butt, it's in a way that is easy to receive and act on. She is always willing to go deeper to help create the shifts in your life. I am so incredibly grateful for our sessions and always excited to work with her. Her uncanny ability to connect with nature and the world around her creates such an open, grounded, and connected space to begin to heal.

The body stores and releases energy daily...

The body collects and stores data based on our unique life experiences. Think of your body as a computer. As you go along, your body collects, stores and hides data in your physical cells, trying to "keep up" with the natural flow of the body's needs.

When we do a release of energy, like a computers disk clean up, our body finds a new homeostatic set point - a new and healthier way of operating. 

When cellular memory gets stimulated and given opportunity to open, there is a beautiful release of stored data. Often the shifts happen in trickles, floods or perpetual waves. Everyone is different in how much and what they release in a session as our lives are so genuinely unique. 

By opening your personal storage book together, Benita invites your body into a new way of flowing, with a sense of ease and grace of fluidity.

"What your mind hears, your body will reflect." 
~ Benita Wallis


Self Care Basics 101

When your self care routine is getting a little on the repetitive side, you know it is time to shake things up! In this FREE download, you will get my top 101 ways to do just that - shake it up so it feels good!

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Individual Session

When we take on too much in our daily lives, our mind gets stressed, then our bodies become sore, and then the next thing you know - you're feeling like a mess on the inside. The spiral soon inflates and we begin to feel isolated, alone, and defeated.

This is when you KNOW it is time to pause, re-calibrate, and refresh.

Sometimes we could use a little extra support, direction and guidance to get back on track.

In a session, we create a shift together to help you to feel rejuvenated, inspired and revitalized once again!

Distance & In-Person sessions are available.
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Animal Session

They comfort us when we need it and other times they make us laugh with their silly antics. We genuinely grow to love and care for them like a close member of our family. 

We do our best to feed, water, shelter, educate and play with our companions.

Naturally, when they become unwell we want to know how to help them the best way possible.

When they pass we can't help but wonder if they are okay, did we make the right decision and do they know that we love them. 

Not knowing these answers can weigh heavily on us.

Distance & In-Person sessions are available.
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Personal Coaching Session Package

Benita is a life coach that uses a unique strategy based style of coaching with her straight from the hip way of putting things right into perspective.

With her at your side, you will be able to achieve outstanding results and changes in your lifestyle or business.

She offers multiple types of coaching, from personal life coaching, to business growth, to navigating your relationships.

Benita brings all of her life experiences, education and trainings to every connection so you get the results you desire.

Distance & In-Person sessions are available.
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Are you currently experiencing what feels like an emergency?

We understand that sometimes life throws curveballs and we got you!

Click here to grab a 911 Emergency Session with Benita to get you and/or your animal back on track within 48 hours.

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~ Alicia Hattum

"The energy you transmitted was just what I needed as my tank was on empty! When we finished I felt a lot lighter than when I arrived and still felt the after effect through the holidays. I was able to be free and just enjoy! I could feel my body still realigning days after. Thank you!"

What you can expect in a session...

Benita begins with the basics, discussing the areas that you desire to shift. This may be physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual discomforts.

By using intuition, witnessing your body, both visually and energetically, Benita creates a unique healing session specific to your current needs. 

As a Certified D-Codes™ Practitioner, a holistic approach is taken, tracking through all 5 energy bodies at once to get to the root of the issue. D-codes can help you to clear out the karmic cycles, ancestral bindings, and general discomfort you are ready to release, bringing about connection on a deeper level to who you are.

Benita is able to help you 
collapse complex Akashic records, remove cords, rescind contracts, excuse walk-ins or entities, mediumship, in-person or distance space clearings, hormonal and immune support, transmuting heavy or unwanted emotions and energies or simply invoking deep emotional releasing to help bring you forward in your healing journey. 

During your session you may feel sensations in, on and around your body. Crying or releasing of tears, sudden bursts of laughter, burping, passing of gas, body shifting or adjusting and stretching, are all welcomed, expected and considered normal in such sessions.

Together, you and Benita will move through any blockages, creating movement and flow in your life once again.

*These sessions are available by distance or in-person. Each have proven to be equally valuable in results!

For more information about the D-Codes™, please visit:

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~ Kellie T.

"I had my first session with Benita and I had no idea what was going to happen. Open-minded and excited, she explained to me the process and we began. I was very impressed with the session and am excited to work more on myself. Benita told me that I don't give myself self-care and gave me some great ideas of what to work on. She affirmed for me things I already know, but sometimes refuse to believe. I love when she talks about the people I bring with me and would love to explore more. Thanks again, Benita, I can't wait till our next chat!"  

Release the Excess 

Offer yourself extra care and compassion as you adjust to any energetic healing work set in motion. Here is one activity that I personally love to do for my own self-pampering:

Warm Epsom Salt Bath
Fill a warm bath with 1 cup of Epsom Salts, two drops of Lavender essential oils, light a few tealight candles and turn on some soft, relaxing meditative music. As you lay back and soak, imagine the warm salted water absorbing all of the old and excess data you no longer need. Then follow up with:

Cool Water Shower Rinse
After your relaxing soak, stand up and drain the bath. Imagine all of your old data slowly sliding down the drain with the water. In a cool shower, imagine your body and cells rejuvenating and coming to a new, roomy, and happy operating point. Light the body up and feel the expansion. Imagine being an eagle and being able to fly freely from the heavy blockages that once held you back. 

Breathe It In
Take in a slow breath counting to 4 through your nose, hold for another 4, release for 4 more slowly. Do this breathing exercise 4 times. I would highly recommend giving gratitude to yourself for doing the healing steps you took today!

Tea Time
Then enjoy a nice warm tea with honey to sip and bask upon the experience. You may also enjoy writing in your journal about what you experienced today.

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